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4th Tuesday – our key date in the month

The centre piece of Moleside Probus is our Monthly Meeting. We are not a traditional Luncheon Club. We get together in the morning and once our meeting is over many of us will then enjoy a very informal pub lunch to conclude our time together. 

Cobham’s Church Gate House is Ideally equipped for a club our size and offers car parking to service a membership that today comes from all over our corner of Surrey, This has been our home since the days in the 1990s when Moleside outgrew the back room of The Bear where our founders held their early meetings and the friendly culture of our club was established.

Though many of us will also meet at other times thanks to the club activities in which we chose to get ourselves and our partners involved, this is our regular chance for all of us to touch base with friends Moleside has helped us make

After a short business session to share club news and keep up to date, those members on the coffee rota for that month are ready with refreshments before we welcome our visiting speaker. 

History, travel, science, diplomacy, literature  – check our list of Recent Speakers for a flavour of the variety of subjects and story tellers we’re used to welcoming, 

It was our founding Hon Sec who first suggested that ties should not be an essential part of our dress code. We’re proud that that sort of informality very quickly became part of the culture that we believe makes Moleside special.