Wednesday 11 August – the day we all started getting together again
  Though Moleside certainly hasn’t allowed Covid to mean a complete halt to all that we enjoy doing with our club, today was the first time since our New Year celebration 18 months ago that we have all been able to sit and eat together.  80 of us with partners and friends met for our Summer Lunch at Tyrells Wood and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing an occasion to show that life is starting to get closer to normal again.

Vaccinations, prudent use of masks and responsible distancing were all part of Stephen Rouse’s meticulous organisation and the golf club itself delivered discrete and patient service to complement its very well stocked buffet table.  After lunch Chairman John Brice announced that August would also see our first monthly meeting in Church Gate House since February last year.

Throughout the pandemic Moleside has continued our monthly meetings programme enjoying our visiting speakers via our computers. And the magic of Zoom has also allowed us to operate remotely many of our special interest groups. In October last year we launched our first VIRTUAL OUTING.  We may not have been able to leave our homes recently but we have been able to visit many wonderful and often distant cities – without leaving our armchairs.

As Covid regulations started to relax, carefully following the social distancing rules the keen golfers  amongst us re-started competing for The Hackers trophy, matching individual skills against a carefully developed handicap system that insures everyone has a chance to hold the title occasionally.

What’s important to all of us in Moleside is that our wives, partners and friends can get involved in our extensive programme of club Visits & Outings.  

Carefully managed Guided Walks have
continued to introduce many of us to the hidden delights of our local countryside, and we are starting to see several walkers again sharing our memorable pub lunches together in the open air afterwards.  

Our Wine Appreciation group, and its much respected visiting specialist, have been sharing their recommendations with all our members on-line whilst looking forward to the October launch of our live tasting session which seriously broaden our appreciation of what the global wine industry can bring us. 

Our Investment Group has continued to run its actively managed – and benchmark beating – small portfolio, never closing for business thanks to the power of Zoom.  

Visits to Concerts will again be part of Moleside’s regular programme once concerns about visiting concert halls in times of pandemic are over.  London and the Home Counties provide an eclectic choice of great live music and the club makes it as simple as possible for members and our partners to enjoy the very best.

And naturally those of us anxious to keep up with the tech. world have continued joining our monthly Computer Group sessions remotely and we’re now delighted to be back meeting again in person.  Here we all have a chance to find help in addressing the IT challenges and opportunities that face us all from time to time. 

And our club continues to organise a locally renowned programme of Club Holidays which is now springing back into life as possibilities for foreign travel expand our horizons once more.  Covid forced us to postpone carefully drawn up schedules for 2020 visits to Italy’s Amalfi Coast and to Georgia, once part of the USSR and more recently a proud and independent national state. Both destinations are back in our plans for 2022 and members and their partners can look forward to adventures that prove to be  highly enjoyable, full of informative surprises and, once again, seriously oversubscribed.

Click here for details of our provisional holiday plans for 2022