Eating Out – but Staying In


The pressures to stay at home may mean that you are seriously missing your visits to your favourite Italian haunts.  James Moore certainly is and is very happy to pass on his recommendation of a recent discovery. Some of the names behind Pasta Evangelists will be familiar to you but what they are doing for us may not.  James loves Italian and, with changes of menu every week, these culinary specialists now – just occasionally – deliver to his door ingenious kits based on fresh pasta, quality ingredients and clear instructions.

Several of us in Cobham are following Paul Walker’s advice to check out At Home. It’s in the High Street and pre Covid it was regularly serving to the country’s greatest and best at posh events, many of them in London. In lockdown it’s most definitely an option available to us and we can only hope they can continue that when the London scene gets back to normal. Around 40mins in a medium oven is all it takes us to achieve wonders – thanks to their help.

And Fetcham regulars like David Owen are willing to share with us their favourite butcher. Actually William Dyer is more than a butcher – the team’s apple pies for instance are fantastic.  But their meat pies are in a league of their own served chilled from the shop. Old hands always make sure that they put one or two into their freezers at home just in case an opportunity arises to enjoy an easy way to some culinary delight.

Thanks to all for these first suggestions and your editorial team hopes that more of you will use CONTACT US to share how you’ve been managing any recent celebrations or simply catering for the need to have occasional culinary treats. We’ll be delighted to include more tips and recommendations in the CTs we’ll have for you before we finally breakout of lockdown.