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Around West Humble

Is Walking a wonderful remedy for memory loss?  Our December visit into the spectacular Surrey countryside to the west of the Mole at Burford Bridge certainly stimulated the brain cells as well as help raise our physical fitness levels.

Derek Elsley’s careful planning managed to take our largest group for some considerable time  to places that felt familiar yet still came as very pleasant surprises.  Derek’s route ensured that we approached the edge of Norbury Park, Crabtree Cottages, Ashcombe Wood and the like from unusual directions.  Kicking off from The Stepping Stones in West Humble a  gentle but steady incline lifted us from the river valley before allowing us to turn south and make a welcome descent from Chapel Wood towards Ranmore.

With plenty of opportunities for us all to catch our breath, the glory of the views around us were more than enough to keep us going.  Shortly after midday we found ourselves on the North Downs Way and on the closing straight to a very welcome lunch in the pub from where we started.


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