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Where Is It All Taking Us?


With the brightest brains in the world currently engaged in debating the risks humanity faces with the development of AI, the May meeting of the Moleside Computer Group couldn’t resist joining the discussion. 

Initiated by Ebert Spreeth who shared a global internet post from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 9 of us were together on this occasion and Artificial Intelligence became the latest in a series of discussions we’ve found ourselves having – all related to the technology that is around us.

Previous meetings had us considering the personal, digital footprints that we leave as we enjoy the convenience the internet can offer us …….., how we can better understand ways to maintain security in our use of computers …….and even the best deals for us that supemarket loyalty cards make possible thanks to IT.

One such discussion got us all thinking about our physical safety, especially relevant for us older people. Anyone carrying the app What 3 Words on their phone can generate a 3 word code that reveals exactly where someone is who may need help.

So what did we make of AI?

Must we regulate a transformative concept that is clearly already delivering results that used to depend on human decisions?  Or what can we fear from ever faster processing and analysis of information and experience that we humans have already placed in computers in the first place?

Your website editor suggested a test. Could a market leading AI package analyse information we already know is available on the web – because your Comms Team has put it there?

We asked ChatGPT to create a report on what our club has been doing since January.

Here’s a taste of the results generated in seconds –
 Moleside Probus is likely to be a local club that operates in the Moleside area, and it is likely that the club offers a variety of activities to its members. 
It developed its theme by listing examples of activities all pretty familiar to us.
Guest Speakers, Outings, Interest Groups, Social Events and Community Service.
And our requested report concluded with a fine summary of what we’re all about. 
Overall, Probus clubs like Moleside Probus provide a valuable opportunity for retirees to stay engaged, meet new people, and continue to learn and grow during their retirement years.

Perhaps not as specific about us as we might have hoped but impressive nevertheless – and at least, for now, Michael feels he may still have a job.

Click here to read ChatGPT’s complete response to our test request.   

Thanks to Ebert for kicking us off on this topic – it’s clear the debate on AI is not likely to stop here. And we’re planning plenty more discussions like these for our future meetings.