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Towards The Pilgrim’s Way

August’s Moleside Walk from Newlands Corner was described by one of the regulars as ‘having a few hills’ – a description surely delivered with pride rather than in a critical tone of voice. 

 Led by Derick Fulcher and recced along with group coordinator Steve Mustoe this was how the route was laid out in the invitation taken up by the dozen or so members who joined in on the day. 

“The walk, which is about three and a half miles long, will start from the large public carpark at Newlands Corner.

We will walk from the carpark, initially descending to then join the North Downs Way which we will follow up a long slope through mainly wooded country. 

This will lead us to The Church of St. Martha on The Hill, located on the Pilgrims Way. 

We then descend and join a lane for a brief spell before taking a fairly overgrown path (some stingers !), on the left, which will lead us past a farm and into open farmland for a long ascent back to the car park.

(While there are a number of gradual climbs and descents there is nothing particularly steep !) There are no stiles and the paths are very sandy and hence fairly mud free. 

We have a reservation at the Plucky Pheasant (GU4 8SE) – a licenced Cafe, which is just across the A25 from the carpark.”

Thanks to Derick and Steve for another energetic and rewarding adventure – and for their photos reminding us of the wonderful countryside to which they took us.  

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