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Looking For Our Golden Age

Is retirement the best time of our life?  Two dozen Molesiders with our friends and partners certainly grasped the opportunity to enjoy a July evening in the sun remembering another special period we’ve all shared. 

Armed with our picnics we found ourselves blending elegantly into the impressive crowd gathered in Painshill to celebrate the music of Fleetwood Mac. What we discovered as we chatted amicably was that we didn’t all agree on what was the Golden Age of that famously enduring  bunch of musicians.

Some of us looked back to the days of the 60s when Peter Green led the band with Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to the forefront of Britain’s renewed interest in the blues.

But all of us appreciated Fleetwood Bac’s tribute efforts built largely around the band’s most commercially significant decade in the 70s/80s which involved Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

A programme that successfully blended Oh Well with Go Your Own Way had us dancing at least in our camping chairs and, for several of us, enthusiastically upright on the grass of the park’s wonderful natural auditorium.

We couldn’t decribe it as rushing the stage but Fleetwood Bac got the majority of us on our feet to enjoy an evening that must have taken us all back to special moments in our past.

Moleside is already very proud to have amongst our membership a one time DJ with a Nashville radio station. Sadly he and Mary weren’t with us on this occasion but the evening did reveal that Bob John helped the original Fleetwood Mac line up get its kit together on stage for a student evening in Brighton. We share our club with members who’ve had some ultra eclectic experiences. 

Thanks to Paul Walker for his timely spotting of this gig before the tickets sold out, and to Paul Tiller for magically facilitating the availabiliity of late tickets for those who’ll be glad they didn’t miss out on a great evening amongst friends in the sun. 

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