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New Idea – Bad Timimg

Just as things were starting to get back to normal last year Terry Bartholomew suggested we launch a regular monthly Moleside session of Cribbage
Almost immediately Omnicron forced a new sort of ‘Lockdown Lite’ on us and Terry himself had to visit hospital to sort out a troublesome knee.  Prudence meant a less than smooth start to the plans but determination is winning through.

The group now has 10 signed up as ‘interested’ but once again play has been interrupted by the latest spike in local Covid numbers.  April’s meet attracted only 3 players for an enjoyable but somewhat exclusive get together.  Confidently plans for May’s meet are now in place for John Watkin‘s home – and we all hope John will then be back to his full and formidable Cribbage strength after his recent fall.  We all wish him well.
As those members who are familiar with Cribbage dust off any rust in their techniques they’d welcome more players – and our Magnificent Seven have said they’ll be very willing to share the dastardly secrets that have made Cribbage an intriguing challenge for card players over the last 300 years or so.
Do let Terry know if you’d like to put your name down to join the group – and, if you’d welcome a little preparatory homework, as a good place to start he suggests a visit to –