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Five Stars All Round

With reviews like Extraordinary, Dazzling, Masterful & An Eye Popping Delight, Moleside members and their partners in the audience for our February visit of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty knew that they were in for something very special.  

The evening in Woking was the first time in several years that the club had scheduled a theatre visit in our programme and, as these shots from the tour’s promotional material confirm, we could not have chosen a more spectacular occasion.

One or two of us in the audience admitted being at first surprised by the verve and the exuberance displayed on the stage, but very quickly the magic of the performance that has been so widely appreciated wherever it has played took command.

Long before the standing ovation at the close of the evening’s performance it was very clear that the audience fully appreciated both the talent of the dancers and Bourne’s energetic interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s much loved music.

With plentiful car parking right alongside the theatre and the local branch of Cote close by to provide a pre theatre meal, this visit to The New Victoria Theatre looks likely to be seen as a pattern we will certainly think about following again.

Thanks to Andrea Walker for suggesting the idea to our Visits Coordinator her husband Paul – and many thanks to Paul for sorting out the details and all the arrangements for a wonderful Moleside evening.