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Holiday 2023

There may be eight months to go before the Moleside holiday Paul Tiller is planning for the club in Northern Ireland this year but time is running out to make sure the arrangements are all in place. So do make contact with Paul if you haven’t yet told him that you may be interested in being part of the adventure.

Paul’s plans are based around flights from London to Belfast and 4 overnights in a 4 star city centre hotel close by the waterfront and ideally placed for investigating the excitement of the city centre. 

A tradition of these holidays is that, at least on the first evening, you make sure you and your partner sit with someone at dinner who you don’t know particularly well.  These 4 days together will prove an ideal opportunity for our several new members and their partners to get to know Moleside really quickly.

Our short stay in the province will give us time to investigate the Titanic Experience which is now celebrating 10 successful years allowing visitors to share in the complete story of how in 1912 the world’s largest ship afloat at the time came to be built here in Belfast and never completed its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.

We will have the chance to consider the intriguing mysteries of the rock formations on the region’s beautiful northern coast, the last remnants of the pathway to Scotland constructed, so legend has it, by a local hero Finn Macoll so that he could take up a very personal challenge. 

Enough of a trailer – join us on our visit and hear how it all worked out.


Be sure to add an ‘e’ when you write down Whiskey in these parts – that’s how they spell it in Ireland and the region is home to one of the best known distilleries of the Irish variety of the tipple. Bushmills will be expecting us and will share some of the secrets that have given its home a world wide reputation since it began distilling here in 1784. 

And whilst we are in Belfast, with the help of our knowledgable guides, we  will have a chance to understand how and why the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 has been widely recognised around the world as a route to reconciliation between conflicting beliefs and aspirations. 

The  indicative price for our 2023 holiday is £900 per person.  Those wishing single accommodation will have to pay a little extra. 

If you are interested in joining us make sure you contact Paul as soon as possible and help him finalise his plans. 

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