Russian Masterpieces
Thursday 24 February
Cadogan Hall

For the first time in what seemed like a very long time 30 Moleside members boarded the coach in Cobham for a visit to a classical concert in London. Picked out for us from the Cadogan Hall programme by our club’s concert specialist Roy Edwards this was an evening bound to delight us.  The Royal Philhamonic Orchestra under the Spanish conductor Pablo Gonzalez gave us well known favourites Glinka’s Overture from Rusian and Ludmilla and Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony Pathetique but also offered a rare opportunity to hear the Harp Concerto composed in 1938  by Ukrainian Reinold Gliere.

And what was also new to our concert regulars was a delightful pre concert meal arranged by Paul Tiller in the Cote Brasserie less than 5 minutes walk from the concert hall.  Judging by the response to our all being able to eat together before the main event, early evening meals look set to become a popular feature of future Moleside concert visits.

It was on all our minds that we were enjoying all this on the day that Vladimir Putin gave his order to Russian forces to invade their neighbours in the Ukraine. We can only hope that the suffering this outrage may deliver is short lived and sanity prevails.  And as John Brice remarked when thanking Paul and Roy for giving us a memorable evening, the lamentoso conclusion to Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique that closed the evening’s programme seemed to match perfectly our thoughts for all those caught up in this monumental act of barbarity.

November 2021

Our Concert Maestro Roy Edwards presented his much anticipated Church Gate House Concert in November drawing on his extensive collection of CDs. He knows Moleside tastes very well and confidently introduced us not just to names that were new to several of us like Kapustin, Wieniawski and Glier but also to composers whose names we know though these particular works of theirs we might be hearing for the first time.  It all made for a wonderful experience and Roy’a informed introductions were spiced with his personal recollections of where he had first heard some of the music himself for the very first time. Our thanks to Roy for reminding us all why it is we enjoy listening to music. And thanks too to David Jeffs for his technical support.