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The Moleside Computer Group

The fast moving world of computing always gets us talking before we find ourselves picking up on wider topics of the day.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month.

At the start of this year we had to revert to meetings by Zoom from our homes but our managing of the pressures of Covid meant that Moleside was never closed by the pandemic. Our Computer Group investigates what enthusiasts around the world are discovering we can now do with our tablets, smart phones and laptops – and we help one another keep up with the fast moving techniques that are now needed to ensure we get the best out of life. This is a world that’s changing very quickly and recognising that reality keeps us all on our toes.

By sharing our findings we are regularly reminded that there is always someone who can be reached on the internet to provide us with inspiration as well as the answers to any challenges we can’t sort out on our own.  We’re even learning the true value of reading the manual more closely – or even  following the many TIPS helpingly provided by system developers.  Then we can enjoy appearing to be really well informed in front of our fellow club members.

Somehow a little personal, first hand encouragement from a friend in the club feels like a real step forward for pretty much all of us.

Alan Willis will always be delighted to hear from any Moleside  members who might like to contribute to with what we’re up to.