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Back in September last year Paul Tiller suggested seeing whether a regular opportunity might be welcomed, over and above our monthly meetings in Church Gate House, for Moleside members to get together and do nothing other than chat for an hour or two.

Apart from a couple of months at the turn of the year when Covid reared its head again Chat at The Coppa has become a regular feature of our monthly programmes.

From the modest cups of coffee and the occasional fruit juices that were ordered initially, several regulars have now been observed also selecting more substantial refreshment off the Coppa’s Breakfast Menu and there is every indication that these occasions are becoming popular opportunities for those of us who find ourselves with time on our hands these days to enjoy some extra social activity.

Practical topics tend to lead the conversations with recent discussions including the difference that the local Uber network is bringing to the lives of members who are no longer owners of cars of their own.  And how resulting costs are actually considerable savings on what running a vehicle used to involve.

And several members are now making sure that their families are aware of the way the new Moleside website can keep them up to date on the visits and activities that they’ve signed up to be part of – and just possibly forgotten about.  

After each meeting at least one regular attender can be seen quietly advising Uber that it’s time to be picked up and taken home. Those who would appreciate joining the group but who live some distance from Cobham might like to follow suit and give Chat at The Coppa a try. 

Just let Paul know you’re interested and watch out for the date of the next meet in our monthly Calendar.