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New to you?  New to Moleside!
Just as things were starting to get back to normal last year Terry Bartholomew suggested we launch a regular monthly Moleside session of Cribbage.

The group now has 10 signed up as ‘interested’ and things are starting to move – after an inevitable hiatus thanks to the emergence of the new variant of Covid.

Sessions are held monthly – usually on the second Wednesday – and the plan is to visit different players’ houses through the year.

The June session welcomed first timer John Garland who joined a regular team of  Spencer Needs, John Brice, John Watkins – good to see him getting back into Moleside action – and Terry Bartholomew.
It may be a while since any of them played Cribbage but as those members who are familiar with the game dust off any rust in their techniques, they’d welcome more players – and all the regulars have said they’ll be very willing to share their dastardly secrets with anyone interested in giving it a go.  After all – it is those  secrets that have made Cribbage an intriguing challenge for card players over more than 300 years.
Do let Terry know if you’d like to put your name down to join the group – and, if you’d welcome a little preparatory homework, as a good place to start he suggests a visit to –