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It’s Not All About Cake

The Moleside cribbage group, after an unfortunate false start thanks to the Covid lockdown, is now hitting its stride in magnificent form.  November’s meet, hosted by Peter and Jill Robinson, attracted a record number of players.

Rumour has it that others from the club are taking up Terry’s offer of a short personal tuition course with every intention of following that by asking to join the table.

To the uninitiated this looks an unusual card game. The pegboard keeps moving towards a predeterminated winning post as each player tries to spot all the combinations of cards displayed on the table that mean a rolling score and the advancement of your peg.

Alec, a first timer with the Moleside group but clearly not without previous experience, explained that luck plays a part but what will really secure success are the decisions each player makes on what to discard, what to play and when.

Low numbers can be really valuable towards the end of a game.

In a quiet moment Spencer introduced the group to Old Bill, a digital card sharp with whom he practises on his iPad.


Beating Old Bill, as Alec soon found out, is a rare event.


James, another Moleside regular, knows the importance of fast mental arithmetic.


And Paul admits that his particular skill is in not giving the player who comes after him anything that could possibly be helpful.

In all the fun, games and enjoyment there’s something going on here that is definitely therapeutic. 

Terry suggested starting all this a couple of years back at what turned out to be the least auspicious time.

The group he has established is very grateful for his determination to get Cribbage up and running in Moleside.

The club’s next session will be on Wednesday 24 January.