Listen to the Band – a Moleside exclusive

Sadly its many fans are going to be missing their regular Christmas performance by the Surrey Police Concert Band this year – but we’re really grateful to its Director of Music Graham Atterbury for letting CT offer Moleside members and their families the next best thing. Here’s our edited selection of seasonal music from the band’s Christmas Concerts of recent years.

Click the arrow in the line below, let our exclusive highlights performance from our favourite Concert Band download into the long horizontal grey line – and then we bet you’ll find you can’t avoid saying to yourself It really is beginning to feel like Christmas.

Our man at the back
When Alan first decided that he had to do something about his love of brass band music he really fancied himself playing the trumpet.  But the first group that he got in touch with explained that not all brass bands go for trumpets – the tradition is to play their evolutionary predecessor the cornet.  But happily it was also the case that, like many bands, this group owned a collection of its own instruments.  Among them was a spare tuba and it was suggested that Alan might like the idea of playing that with them. 

All of us who know him will not be surprised to learn that Alan couldn’t resist the challenge and quickly became proficient enough on the much larger instrument to be welcomed into the band.

But traditional brass bands also tend to keep playing the same traditional pieces in their programmes and though Alan had become very attached to his tuba he yearned for new musical challenges. 20 years ago he found that what he was really looking for was a Concert Band. And Surrey Police supported a great many local charities through a programme of public performances given by the one that it sponsored and organised.  

Now the proud owner of his own personal tuba Alan has become a regular member of this much loved group of musicians and he has contributed to all the Christmas Concerts from which the selections here have come.
So, to give you an excuse to play our exclusive selection  more than once, as you listen see how many different Christmas pieces you can spot. The CT team reckons there are 18 different festive favourites bundled up in this musical extravaganza. See if you agree and when you’ve finished checking your total click on the link here and see whether you are right.


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