CT6 Malcolms music Quiz Questions

Malcolm’s short spell as a DJ on WMAK Nashville in the mid ’60s was sparked by what quickly became known as The British Invasion – and it owed a great deal, initially at least, to music that started life in America.

So here’s a musical jigsaw to bring back some memories for us all.  We’ve made a 10 minute mix of bits from 20 US recordings from the 50s & early 60s.  Spearheaded by The Beatles UK musicians took US music,  including everything here, reworked it and sold it back to where it came from. And this very real story of Coals to Newcastle introduced millions of young Americans to music that was really already theirs.

Click on the arrow on the black line below and, if you exercise a little patience, the magic of 21st technology will whisk you back to the ’60s with 20 snatches of original American recordings to enjoy – and then 2 Games to play based on what Malcolm found himself caught up in back in Nashville in 1965 .

The Tunes
                                  The original US artists                          Their UK followers

Stay                                                    The Shirelles
Hippy Hippy Shake                    Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
My Boy Lollipop                           Chan Romero
Leave My Kitten Alone             The Isley Brothers                              The Searchers
I Go to Pieces                                The Donays                                           Gerry & The  Pacemakers
Honey Don’t                                  Barbie Gaye                                          The Kinks
Go Now                                            Little Willie John                                 The Beatles
Mr Moonlight                                Larry Williams                                      Brian Poole & The Tremeloes
Devil In His Heart                       John Lee Hooker                                 The Animals
Pretty Flamingo                          Del Shannon                                         Freddie & The Dreamers            
I Understand                                 Little Richard                                        Donovan
Twist & Shout                              Bessie Banks                                          Manfred Mann
Slow Down                                    Dr Feelgood & The Interns               Peter & Gordon
Universal Soldier                       Carl Perkins                                           The Dave Clark Five                                            
Act Naturally                                The G-Clefs                                            The Moody Blues
Over & Over                                  Buck Owens                                          Millie 
Boom Boom                                  Buffy Sainte-Marie                             The Hollies
Long Tall Sally                             Bobby Day                                             The Swinging Blue Jeans
Boys                                                  Evie Sands
I Can’t Let Go                               Gene Pitney

What we’ve listed here are the original US tracks and in the centre column the names of the American artists who first recorded them – but they’re not in the right order. And in the right column we’ve listed the UK singers and groups who later reworked them and turned them into bigger hits both here and over there.

First see how many UK names you can match to the original  American titles they transformed into success across the world – and don’t forget some UK stars recorded more than one US original on their way to stardom.

Then if you’re ready to sit for your Doctorate in our Rock & Roll Heritage – try and match the original American artists’ names to their recordings that you’ve been listening to.

But above all enjoy the music whilst you tax your memories – and when you’re ready click on the link and the answers will reveal how the jigsaw all fits together.


Of course you can always pause at this stage – the music is still there, waiting for you to play it all over again.

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