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Down But Not Out

The headlines may be gloomy and many markets are continuing to fall but the Moleside investors still have their heads above water.

As MIC’s new and more inclusive approach to portfolio management concluded its first month in action, the September meeting of the club reported general agreement that members are already appreciating the chance to become more familiar with advanced systems that aid stock selection and monitoring.

The question now has to be can the tools that helped the club deliver its September 2021 record peak also stand its members in good stead as they battle the downturn of the markets in 2022.

Though the world trend remains downwards the hard statistics speak for themselves.  The MIC portfolio – in blue on the chart – stands 17% above its base level of 2 years ago and maintains its clear lead over its benchmarks, the FTSE All Share in red and the grey track of the Aim Index which is now back almost exactly to where it started when the club began its current programme of recording and monitoring comparative performance.

One member of the club admitted ‘there’s very little good to say about stock market performance these days’.  Such dips, even as dramatic as the current one, are also where there will be opportunities to be identified. 

With the experience of senior club members that has in the past generated record breaking performance, the club feels a fine place to be for those who want to learn what can now be achieved in today’s world of investment.

And for a reminder of how things are going to be working in the future click HERE for Chairman Kris Nasta’s report on the thinking behind the important recent decisions taken by the club – and the opportunities that they now present.

New Interest always welcomed
Any Moleside members who might be interested in joining the Investment Club are welcome to request a chance to sit in on a meeting and get an initial taste of how it operates. The Club meets monthly on the third Tuesday and business is conducted in a carefully constituted way almost always focusing on individual shares rather than funds.

Members take responsibility for making regular reports and recommendations on different market sectors or specific equities to which they give particular attention.As we always have to be reminded in financial circles past performance is no guarantee of what will happen in the future – but is it not just that reality that makes involvement in the group so absorbing?

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