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Feb Favourite Sells Out

Do you avoid a wine that is marked as Reduced To Clear or do you give it a chance and hope that there’ll be more left at that price should you decide you like it? Never let it be said that the Moleside Wine Tasters can’t spot a winner.

February’s meeting in the club’s recent new home proved once again that not only can our members be very clear about what they like but they have an uncanny ability to find it at a very attractive price.

Regular members were delighted that they were joined this month by Bill Sennett and hope that he’ll be able to become a regular taster.

Bill may have noticed that the January wine of the month had certainly proved its worth by selling out shortly after the Moleside meeting.  What’s more this coincided conveniently with Sainsbury’s decision to clear their shelves by reducing its price.

And much the same thing appears to have happened in February.  Our wine mentor Trudy certainly knows how to pick them.

Described by one supplier as a deep ruby red from the hills of Piedmont Trudy explained that Terra da Vino Surpass Barbera Passito is produced from late harvested grapes that have been left to dry naturally on the vine. 

And our members declared it Moleside’s February wine of the month.

36 hours hours later came the news that Waitrose had reduced its price from £10.79 to £7.99.

By the end of the day it was sold out in Cobham but anyone who missed the boat locally may still be lucky enough to pick up a case via the online Waitrose Cellar.  

If you would like to try out a club wine tasting it costs £20 and all members need do is contact Bob John for the essential details.

The next meeting is on Thursday 30 March.

And for reports on our previous meetings click TAGS below.