November 2020 – & The Hackers announce joint winners on US Election Day

Tuesday 3 November – The Drift, East Horsley
It was a more select group of Hackers than usual who made it to compete in the last game of a year cut short by Covid. Played at The Drift Golf Club there were seven names on the score board on a seasonally cold but pleasantly sunny day.

Hackers coordinator John Watkins applied his well proven handicapping approach and his count back calculations revealed a joint second place on the day for Peter Gauld and Peter Massey and a win this month for Kris Nasta.

John also totalled up the monthly scores and announced the year’s joint winners

Hackers Champions 2020

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Tuesday 6 October – The Drift, East Horsley – & a trio of winners raises the temperature
Nine players were on the course this month at the Drift Golf Club and we all enjoyed a dry game on two accounts.  The good news is that the rain held off and no one got wet but the   negative reality overshadowing our day was that events and regulations meant it was not possible for us to enjoy our customary refreshment together after play. So dry it was in deed.

But we all became part of another piece of Hackers history when the scoring revealed that for the first time 3 Hackers produced the award winning score and must share the responsibilities for the caring and cleaning of our much sought after trophy.

It proved an even game finishing up with Peter Massey, David Rates & Paul Walker sharing 3rd place, Philip Schofield & Terry Bartholomew finished in 2nd with a trio ending up on the winner’s rostrum. Our October Hackers Champions are PETER GAULD, PETER HUGHES & ROGER JOHNSTONE.

Congratulations all round and we’ll be meeting again in November at The Drift.

Tuesday 1 September – Hoebridge

Just nine Hackers took part in our latest game of golf on The Shey Copse course at Hoebridge. There were two observers following in the buggy and rumour quickly spread that they were actually spies from the Ryder Cup Team seeking replacements for next year’s team. All nine Hackers were observed teeing off the first hole. One was noticed slicing into the trees, which were all of twenty-five yards away, and he was immediately declared not fit for Ryder Cup purpose. However another player was spotted managing to get the ball on the green from the tee ending up about three feet from the hole. Sadly he then missed the putt so is also unlikely to be considered for the national team.

It was nice to be back on familiar ground playing the Shey again. Where will we be next month? Do we want to get back to visiting members clubs?  Will they will have us? The last time I tried I was told ‘Sorry members only and no societies’.  As this month’s winner perhaps David might like to try Pyrford for October?

September’s game showed scores at both ends of the scale. In joint third place with 15 points were Jim Forsyth and Peter Massey, and in second place on his own, scoring 16 points, was Bob John. The winner with a score of 22 points was David Rates. So David retains the Hackers Trophy having won last month when we played Abbey Moor. That time he scored 24 points. This month his handicap had been cut by three points and he still  managed to score a victorious  22. David have a guess as to what your handicap will be cut to for the next game.

2 x 2 in a row – never before
We’re making some Hackers history here. Bob Cummings won the trophy in June and July and David Rates won it in August and September. These are the only times the Hackers Trophy has been won consecutively since we started playing in July 2016.

After the game we were able to sit together, social distancing being observed pretty closely, and we enjoyed some refreshments. We then gave Bob Cummings a gift so that he would remember The Hackers after he moves away from the Cobham area to be nearer his family in Somerset. Bob then thanked the group for the gift and said that the move was still not settled and that he would probably be playing next month.

We told him that there wouldn’t be another gift. 


Tuesday 4 August – Abbey Moor, Addlestone

Eleven true golfers played the Abbey Moor golf course and I had the pleasure of watching them all teeing off the first tee. Some players managed to hit the ball a country mile while others only managed a few yards. It does not matter where the ball goes, taking part is more important.

The current Hackers Trophy holder Bob Cummings did not have it all his own way as his new lower handicap stopped him from winning a third time in a row. He did however play to his club handicap scoring twelve points and coming home in fourth place.

Well done Bob the new handicap did not put you off your game.

We have a new champion in DAVID RATES, his score was a very good TWENTY FOUR POINTS. In second place was Kris Nasta with eighteen points and in third place with seventeen points was Roger Johnstone. They will all have to wait till the next game to see how their handicaps have changed.

The others who played were Malcolm Bond, Spencer Needs, Paul Walker, Terry Bartholomew, Jim Forsyth, Peter Massey and Peter Hughes.

Congratulations David on your win.  Please make sure that you continue the good job of polishing the Hackers Trophy.

Tuesday 7 July – Bob makes success a habit & another Hackers first 

The rain stopped and it was not too hot so, in a very disappointing week of weather for July,  the Hackers were certainly lucky with their playing conditions as they met for their monthly game, playing again at Abbey Moor in Addlestone.

And having become in June the first Moleside group to breakout of lockdown,  this month delivered another Moleside first in that several members stayed behind after the game for a socially distanced glass of beer together – outside on the club patio of course.  It was almost like old times – well, great  progress certainly.

Nine members took part in the game and were delighted to see coordinator John, for the first time since lockdown started, with them to watch the initial teeing off. He reports witnessing  a variety of starts – some shots finding the course’s bushes from the outset but others progressing safely by managing to keep to the fairway.  John has been shielding since March and, once he had seen the players safely away, returned home to await the arrival of the score cards after the match.

Having applied the competitors’ current handicaps he announced the results for July

In a tie for third place – Peter Hughes and Paul Walker.
In second place – Peter Massey
and the winner – so he retains the trophy that he won in June  – BOB CUMMINGS.

Also playing at Abbey Moor wereJim Forsyth, Kris Nasta, Spencer Needs, David Rates and Philip Schofield.

Congratulations to Bob though John confirms that, having won two months running, he can be sure that his handicap will now be cut drastically.

Tuesday 2 June. The Hackers restart at Abbey Moor, Addlestone
The Moleside Hackers became the first club group to make a carefully prepared emergence from lockdown on the first Tuesday in June.  Playing in socially distanced pairs Malcom Bond and Peter Massey were first to tee off, followed at  8 minute intervals, to maintain the strict 2 metre separation in force at that time, by 3 other twosomes.

Also on the course were Jim Forsyth, Peter Hughes, Peter Gauld, Spencer Needs, Bob Cummings & first time Hacker Philip Schofield .

Sadly coordinator John Watkins  couldn’t be in his usual position inside a buggy, keeping a careful eye on things.  He has been on the official vulnerable list since lockdown started and has remained ‘shielding’ at home. But, relying on personal score reports, he could apply the up to date handicaps remotely – and the following result was recorded.

3rd place with 6 points – Spencer Needs
2nd place with 10 points – Peter Hughes
And the June Champion with 13 points – BOB CUMMINGS

Congratulations to all – for now Bob must enjoy a well earned virtual presentation of the Hackers trophy and Philip Schofield can look forward to receiving his smart black cap which we hope he will wear with pride and enjoy many more rounds with the Moleside Hackers.

Before the changes forced on us by Covid-19 The MOLESIDE HACKERS usually met on the first Tuesday of each month for a friendly 9-hole round. The winner on the day holding the title Champion Hacker until the next monthly challenge.

Tuesday 3 March 2020 – which sadly turned into the last Hackers meet till June

Eight Hackers played the Shey Copse to open the 2020 season and enjoyed a dry round of golf. In other words it was not raining, although the ground was very muddy and the greens were like puddings. As conditions prevented buggies from operating our regular Hackers’ correspondent was not permitted to follow the players around and spoil their game.  But the always impeccable scoring protocol was followed and the following results recorded.

Joint Runners Up
Terry Bartholomew & Bob Cummings
Champion for March Kris Nasta

2019 Roll of Honour 

Tuesday 3 December 2019

3rd Place Roger Johnstone
2nd Place Jim Forsyth
The December Champion BOB JOHN

Special presentations were also made to
Kris Nasta, Terry Bartholomew and Peter Hughes

                   PAUL WALKER

Tuesday 5 November
3rd place Roger Johnstone
2nd place Jim Forsyth
The November Champion PAUL WALKER

Tuesday 1 October 2019
Joint 2nd place Jim Forsyth and Terry Bartholomew
The October Champion BOB CUMMINGS  

Tuesday 3 September
3rd place  Peter Hughes
2nd place with same score as winner – Bob John – same as winner
The September Champion DAVID RATES

Tuesday 6 August
4th place Roger Johnstone
Joint 2nd David Rates & Kris Nasta
The August Champion PETER GAULD

Tuesday 2 July 2019 
Rain stopped play.

Tuesday 4 June 2019
3rd place Bob Cummings
2nd place Paul Walker

Tuesday 7 May 2019
2nd place Paul Walker
The May Champion was PETER MASSEY
All other 
competitors shared 3rd place with equal scores

Tuesday 2 April 2019 
Rain again stopped play

Tuesday 12 March
First match of 2019 Hackers season rained off
Reigning Champion ALAN VAUSE holds trophy.