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In 2024 Moleside looks forward to welcoming –

23 January   Mike Seigel    The History of Kingston

27 February  Andy Richardson  V Bombers – Ultimate Peace Keepers

26 March  Hugh Thomas Pakistan

28 May  Helen Fry  Walls Have Ears

25 June  Malcolm Nelson  Modern Day Smuggling

23 July  Steve Bird  Industrial Relations at Ford in 70s &80s

27 August  Colin Summerhayes  500 Million Years of Sea Level Change

24 September  Andrew Baker

22 October  Prof. Patricia Wiltshire  Forensic Ecology & Solving Crimes

26 November  David Bickerton  The Pursuit & Sinking of The Bismark


Our recent programme of Guest Speakers has included –

Professor Bernard Cohen – The History of Computing

Andy Thomas – The ongoing mystery of Crop Circles

Pete Allen – To Journey’s End – the Life and Times of RC Sherriff

Colin Summerhays – Rising Seas & Climate Change

Tom Way – Award Wining wildlife photographer

David Steeds a specialist introduction to China

Simon Ritchie – Alan Turing : Computing Pioneer, War Hero and Gay Icon

Robin Stafford Allen – Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Nigel Macknight –  Project Quicksilver and a World Water Speed Record.

Joachim Hausknecht – a historian’s view of why Germany is as it is.

Tim Flesher – who served as a private secretary to Margaret Thatcher.

Anita Mayes – a commercial pilot who transports celebrities all over the world.

Malcolm Nelson – a former Customs and Excise officer and renowned smuggler catcher.

Rhod Jones – avid local collector and recognised authority on the history of the Oxo Cube.

Prof. Ann Jacklin – a government adviser on the better use of prescribed medicines.

Tim Moorey – a crossword creator and member of The Sunday Times’ Mephisto team.