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The Moleside Hackers

Sad loss of our founder

All of us in Moleside have felt the loss of our friend and fellow member John Watkins who died in September.

But his loss will be particularly felt by The Moleside Hackers.  Founded by John 5 years ago with a plan for golfers in the club to visit a number of local courses over the season usually playing on the first Tuesday of each month, John’s unusual approach to scoring allowed him to skilfully analyse individual performances and make sure an appropriate current handicap is always applied to each player’s round every month.  This has meant that everyone has a chance every month to win the Hackers Trophy – but in the sure knowledge that if they do their handicap will be revised to offer a sporting chance that someone else is likely to win it in the following month.

The traditions that John created for the club will surely be maintained by his successor as Hackers Coordinator Terry Bartholomew.

Anyone from Moleside interested in an enjoyable – and exceedingly informal – round of golf is welcome.

And it has to be said it’s amazing how often the Hackers enjoy the best of the sunshine.

Terry Bartholomew will be delighted to hear from any Molesider who would like to join the group and play some very enjoyable social golf.