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The Moleside Hackers

Everyone can win on a playing field that’s carefully leveled

The Moleside Hackers visit a number of local courses over their season and usually play on the first Tuesday of each of the summer months. Devised by John Watkins, Hackers founder and coordinator of the programme, the scoring is skilfully analysed to make sure an appropriate current handicap is applied to each players round.  This means that everyone has a chance every month to win the Hackers Trophy – but in the sure knowledge that if they do their handicap will be revised to offer a sporting chance that someone else is likely to win it in the following month.

Anyone from Moleside interested in an enjoyable – and exceedingly informal – round of golf is welcome.

And it has to be said it’s amazing how often the Hackers enjoy the best of the sunshine.

Tuesday 7 June 2022
Pachesham Golf Centre

Regular Hackers followers  will know that coordinator John Watkins always seems to hit good-ish weather for his enthusiastic players.  John’s recovering steadily from a bad spell recently – but the weather today had not got jis usual message.  Conditions depicted here in our photograph taken some time ago certainly did not include any blue skies!

With an original plan to play 12 holes, the stalwart quartet that risked what wasn’t a very promising day from the outset could barely manage 6 before being caught in a deluge and retiring to the club house.

So not a typical Hackers Tuesday in flaming June this year – but there on the course and ready to go for it were Malcolm Bond, Paul Walker, Mike Warnock and Terry Bartholomew. Terry is the one most likely to have his handicapped revised after his winning performance today but everyone on the course agreed that these were far from ideal competitive conditions – and all look forward to a larger number of players enjoying much better weather for the July challenge.