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Hackers celebrate 2021 season

Tuesday 14 December – The Drift

Hackers coordinator John Watkins reports

Though there were only 8 playing on the course for our Christmas meet up we were all delighted to see Honorary Member Bob Cummings once again visiting his old stamping grounds in Surrey – and, it became clear, returning to his old winning ways on this celebratory occasion.

John writes – Unfortunately I was one of the absentee Hackers due to a tummy bug and my GP advised me to stay home. The Hackers managed very well and some of Santa’s helpers took over the proceedings. I am pleased to say that I am now well on the road to recovery.

Here are the results of the golf. In joint first place with 7 points were Barry Brooks and Bob C., In joint third place with 6 points were Roger Johnstone and David Rates. On his own in 5th place with 5 points was Paul Walker. In joint sixth place with 3 points were Peter Hughes and Peter Massey and bringing up the rear with 2 points was Philip Schofield. I understand that some players stopped after the 5th hole – maybe that reflects on some of the scores.

When it came to lunch time 14 Hackers in all made it to the festive table.

Regular Hacker Terry Bartholomew has a knee that is getting its strength back after his op. but not quickly enough for him to be able to bring his clubs this time.  Happily though he did have his camera with him and we’re very grateful for his candid shots of how our golfing champs celebrated the end of another enjoyable year on the course.

Thanks for the great shots Terry – and thanks as always to Hackers coordinator John for doing all the organising and skilfully managing the results.  Here’s to 2022.