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Almost On Top In Surrey

There are actually 3 hills in our county higher than Holmbury but this one proved a fine challenge for Moleside’s August walkers and perhaps our success got many of us remembering that the taller ones will always be there for us to conquer on another day.

With not a single stile in sight and a steady upward route involving the familiar feel of the Greensand Way the group was led today by Derek Fulcher on what proved a perfect walk for people like us – with plenty of opportunities to pause in the shade of the Hurtwood’s trees.

It came as a pleasant surprise that by the end of the day we had managed, according to club chairman John and his on board technology, just a touch under 5.5 miles. 

After a period of reduced activity imposed on us by Covid, Moleside is getting back into its stride.

Up past the earthworks of the hilltop Iron Age fort which certainly dates back 2000 years – and maybe even further – we emerged onto the summit which official records tell us is 856 feet above sea level.

Reliable sources say that in years gone by smugglers landing on the Sussex coast took just a day to bring their booty to hiding places in the wood we’d just climbed through. 

 The temperature was comfortable but conditions were perhaps a little too misty to see the 24 miles through the Shoreham Gap to the sea. 

The day was another treat for those of us who are no strangers to the Surrey Hills but for those club members standing here for the first time this had to be a moment that had a feeling of triumph. 

Back at ground level, everyone was certainly ready for the lunch we all appreciated at The Royal Oak.

It has to be said that it looks as though the Rodds – and anyone else who wasn’t on this adventure – missed a thoroughly enjoyable Moleside Walk.Thanks to Derick and Steve for making it possible – and to John Brice and Derek Elsley for their wonderful photos.

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