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Resilience Pays Off

On the day when thunder clouds collected over Westminster and we lost our very recently appointed PM, 19 Molesiders experienced their own soaking in part of our county new to most of us. 

Everyone on our October Walk was very grateful to Steve Mustoe and his lieutenant for the occasion Peter Wall for laying on an experience which even in these conditions warmed the heart and strengthened our appetites.

From the Fourwents Pond Car Park, near Blackbrook, a couple of miles south of Dorking, we ventured onto well maintaned walk ways – thank you NT – through a land of ancient oaks and more recent arborial specimens that provided spasmodic shelter from the downpour that accompanied our departure. 


And, as our guides navigated us skillfully through the potentially bewildering paths, tracks and clearings of Holmwood Common, the rain must have got to our usually diligant walk photographers, including your reporter. None of our watery adventure got captured in pictures. 

But the experience we shared – and the evidence we can borrow from others – is sure to make some of us at least bring our friends and families back to this place to check out its features and delights in kinder conditions. 

In a gentle, stile free progress of about 4 miles we got very wet – but we found that our resilience remained strong.

Strong enough to make sure that by the time we got back to the car park we had all dried out sufficiently to enjoy a hearty lunch together in the close by Royal Oak.

Thank you Peter and Steve for organising an occasion we will remember as something really enjoyable on a pretty grey day for the United Kingdom.

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