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A Turn For The Better

As the search for good news amongst the world’s stock markets remains challenging, members of the Moleside Investment Club could report progress at their August meeting with the blue line of their portfolio nosing slightly ahead of its red and grey benchmarks.  

We invited Simon Harker, a recent club recruit, to share his thoughts on his first months with us and what drew him to our Investment Club in particular.         

“ I retired in 2022 and soon afterwards joined Moleside Probus. I quickly realised that the way to get the most out of the Club was to join in one or more of the activities that take place outside the monthly meetings.  The Investment Club caught my eye.” 

“I had had a certain prior interest in investments but really limited to Unit Trusts. From my point of view it was Investment Trusts that were really the height of daring (you can actually watch the price go up and down as you watch your screen) and as for buying shares in “proper“ companies,  I really had no experience or indeed confidence.”  

“So the investment Club seemed a useful opportunity to expand my financial horizons.  I had my final salary pension and so investing £35 every month in individual shares through the Investment Club offered an enjoyable way to learn a bit more about the stock market without courting destitution. It also gave me an opportunity to get to know other Probus Club members in a different setting.”

“I have definitely enjoyed being part of the Investment Club even though so far financially (if not socially) I would have been better off putting that £35 each month into a Building Society account. Still hope springs eternal and the market is bound to change for the better at some point.”

“The Investment Club meets once a month to discuss the portfolio, sales and acquisitions, on a Tuesday in Churchgate House, the same place where Probus has its monthly meetings.  From my point of view an unlooked for benefit has been that by meeting on a Tuesday it does not clash with other Probus and non-Probus events which tend to take place on Thursdays.

So if you have an interest in investments why not join us?”

Ed. Thanks Simon  – perhaps the club should start tracking a Building Society index. Here’s to better times for us all very soon. 

And Moleside indeed works hard to avoid clashing dates both within our own programme and that of Cobham’s Cedar Club, of which many of our other halves are enthusiastic members.

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