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Always About Timing

When almost  everything everywhere is going down – and the Moleside Investors Club has been watching its portfolio following the trend – history tells us that there has to come a moment when things turn upwards. The way the club tracks its monthly performance makes reality very clear – the last time it was this low was almost 2 years ago but it was then on its way up, heading for its impressive peak achieved 12 months later. September last year was the month which marked the end of a remarkable 2 year run for the MIC in which it increased its holdings value by 65%.

Chairman Kris Nasta‘s advice then was “Hang onto your hats!”.  Things started to go downhill with an encouraging upturn back in March suggesting a true roller coaster ride but the plunge that has followed in April, May and now June, has certainly proved him right. Could it be that today some market watchers are now questioning whether they can see signs around that things are about to change for the better.? At the same time Moleside has attracted several new members to our club in recent months.  The Investment Groups success in the past must have some of them wondering whether we have reached the right time to join in.

So even in times like these there are things to be thinking about.

What the Investment Group’s already active members can take some comfort from is the fact that whilst everyone in the global market is having to suffer in more or less the same way, MIC’s portfolio – the blue line on the chart is still clearly tracking higher than the red of  the FTSE All Share and the grey of the AIM Index of smaller companies.

And there are, of course, always shares to buy and even profits to take. Chairman Kris remains confident that the club’s investors, managing a live and active, independent portfolio of their own design, are well placed to continue investigating and identifying the opportunities such conditions will create.

For everyone interested in investing the most important question always is about timing.

New Interest always welcomed

Any Moleside members who might be interested in joining the Investment Club are welcome to request a chance to sit in on a meeting and get an initial taste of how it operates. The Club meets monthly on the third Tuesday and business is conducted in a carefully constituted way almost always focusing on individual shares rather than funds.

Members take responsibility for making regular reports and recommendations on different market sectors or specific equities to which they give particular attention.

As we always have to be reminded in financial circles past performance is no guarantee of what will happen in the future – but it is just that reality that makes involvement in the group so absorbing.

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