Investment Club

Challenge to continue 2021 early successes 

Building on its successful conclusion to 2020 the club’s early 2021 meets by Zoom have authorised fine tuning of its already successful holdings and the portfolio at the end of May stands at more than 50% above its FTSE based benchmark.

Chairman Kris Nasta reported an excellent turnout of members for the monthly meeting and continuing promising portfolio progress.  Kris reminds other Moleside members that those who might be interested in joining the Investment Club are welcome to request a chance to sit in on a meeting and get an initial taste of how the group operates.

As they always say in investment circles past performance is no guarantee of what will happen in the future – but it is just that challenge that makes involvement in the group so absorbing.

The Moleside Investment Club meets monthly to agree how to progress its actively managed, live portfolio.  Before the impact of the virus its members conducted their business in a carefully constituted way always focussing on individual shares rather than funds. Members take responsibility for making regular reports and recommendations on different market sectors or specific equities to which they give particular attention.

When the UK went into lockdown at the end of March 2020,  the group was able to take immediate benefit from the internet facilities offered by Zoom.

So it is one of the Moleside special interest groups whose activities have never been seriously interrupted by Covid19.
The Investment Group can be justifiably proud of its record of continuous operation throughout the Corona Virus Pandemic.

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