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It’s Magic To Believe

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Wayne at work Magic Circle

All of us there that night saw things happening in front of us that simply couldn’t be real. Our members, partners and friends who joined Moleside’s April club visit to the HQ of The Magic Circle witnessed miracles at exceedingly close quarters – and found it hard to believe our eyes.

Was John for example reading our minds when he found every one amongst the 52 cards that he had asked complete strangers in his audience to select in careful secrecy? 

Phot John Magic Circle

Wayne persuaded Stephen to volunteer his wedding ring – only to have to watch it being subjected to all manner of mysterious goings on…..

Photo Stephen with Wedding Ring at Magic Circle

…. and was left wondering how our host managed – at the same time – to keep it safe, by securely tying it to one of his own shoe laces!

Magic Circle: Wedding Ring on Shoe Lace
Lee with Wand Magic Circle

Lee made playing cards – on which his audience had signed their names – apparently fly through the air and turn up in other people’s pockets.

And everyone hoped that your reporter would be able to explain later how the tuppeny coin that magician Michael entrusted to me to be kept in my hand and  tightly clasped could transform itself into a shiny American Dollar.  

With my grip secure on the money which I believed I could physically feel, I seriously concentrated on paying full attention – and the switch happened in front of my eyes.

Phot Switch in Hand Magic Circle

What we were sharing was a master class presented by some of the country’s most skilled experts in sleight of hand and mindful manipulation of imagination.

It was enough to get even the most cynical amongst us wondering whether we really can believe in magic?

But when we get to our age why shouldn’t we?

Thanks to Simon for a great evening out, to Andrew who coordinates our visits and to Peter,  Andrea and Nita for their help with the photographs.

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