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Just About Us This Time

It’s only 6 months since Moleside Probus’s Computer Group extended its remit to consider the impact of the wider world of Science & Technology on all our lives. Our February meeting took us a step further by focussing on what research now offers each of us as unique individuals.  

The dozen or so of us at our meetings coordinated by Alan certainly benefit from the breadth of professional specialisms represented in Moleside’s membership.

Joining us regularly are club members whose experience includes medicine and surgery, industrial chemistry, engineering, food service, IT systems and software development, marketing, communication and even more.

Uniting us, in particular on this occasion, was our chance to benefit from a better understanding how each of us, individually, can expect to live longer, healthier lives.

Via a YouTube video Dr Michael Greger of the American Society for Nutrition reminded us research shows that, if we give them a chance, our bodies can demonstrate a remarkable natural ability to take care of themselves, even repairing damage we’ve already done to them.

For all of us the key question to discuss now was how should each of us give our particular bodies that best chance?

Already appreciating the inherent dangers in too much alcohol, sugar, salt, saturated fat, and processed food – does science these days allow us to go deeper? 

At first hand we learnt from David about the identification of plant stanols and the textured alternatives to meat they have made possible.

We discussed with Paul the significance of the ever widening prescription of Statins, the drugs that can help control the production of cholesterol, reduce the chances of heart disease and treat the now better understood dangers of inflammation within our bodies,

But if science seems now to understand better what happens in our guts how do each of us find our individual ways through the mass of information, claims and encouragement constantly thrown at us to follow current fads and fashions?  

Several of us reported that we had found helpful personal pointers in Food for Life, a radio series with Tim Spector, that’s available now on BBC Sounds. 

The conclusions from our meeting had to be first we need to moderate any obvious indulgences, and then we need to make sure we are incorporating into our diet balance and diversity around everything that we enjoy eating & drinking.. 

And, almost as an afterthought, we were also reminded that doctors have long appreciated that stressing too much about all this is very likely to make matters worse – by increasing the repair work our bodies have to do as they naturally try to take care of us.

Finally we have to thank Jobey for coming across a detailed diagram of helpful ideas. 

You may find – with the possible exception of regular oysters – that what’s suggested here is already familiar to you and is probably included most weeks in what you’re eating anyway.  

If so, perhaps we’re not doing too badly after all!

Our next Science & Technology discussion is on Thursday 7 March. 

And helping add healthy activity into our mix, the next gathering of the Moleside Walking Group is on Thursday 21 March.