Lessons of Life

One of the elements in all this that makes a considerable contribution to the overall atmosphere of calm and meditation is the audio background.  And there’s a story behind  that we’ll be happy to share with you in another edition of CT.

John was very conscious of needing to be careful, in the English he has used in his video, to capture the essence of the Gallic original. Paul Tiller, another Moleside member who is very familiar with the particular nuances of the French language, kindly offered his help and gave John full marks.

But this is a subtle, sensitive business and some of us may feel that, to get everything we can out of this beautiful piece of work from France, we really need to take a step back. So John has made that possible by creating a second collection of the wonderful photographs but this time with the text in their original French.

Click here – Leçons de Vie – and you can judge for yourself if this sort of encouragement might just seem  even more powerful in the language in which it was first expressed.  Thank you John.

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