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Life Saving in Poole

For almost 200 years the RNLI has been saving lives at sea – and, as part of our recent extended visit to Dorset, Moleside members experienced at first hand how they do it today.

From the rib boats and cabin craft that are always ready when needed to put to sea, anywhere round the coast of The British Isles, to the work constantly improving the speed and efficiency of this world renowned orgnisation, even those of us who have boats of our own were impressed with what goes on today at the National Support Centre in Poole.

It’s here that recruits come for their training in fundamental handling of crises in the water.  And at their dispoal is the very best of today’s technology. Inside a simulator which can reproduce the many challenges of being part of a rescue mission Ian Seifert was just one of Moleside’s members who took the wheel – and we all had the chance to experience what it must feel like to be in awful weather, in the roughest of waters, knowing that there are sailors who’s lives are at risk and who are dependent on the sort of help the RNLI is equipped to provide

Though we knew we were safe on terra firma this was an unforgetable introduction to what rescue crews must learn to get used to.

The technology of lifeboats has never never stood still but today change is happening faster than ever. As we all remember the need to reduce our dependence on carbon fuel the lifeboats’ power units are adopting hybrid systems and complex jet turbine techniques to minimise their impact on our planet.
And in a very large assembly shed we were shown where new lifeboats are assembled. This is now part of a business that attracts interest from many corners of the world from aurhotities who keep their own national waters safer thanks to vessels produced here in the UK.

Our welcome at Poole could not have been warmer and our visit surely left us all determined not to forget that this amazing and most impressive of institutions has always been dependent on the ongoing support of all of us.

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