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Steps Along The Wey

With a promise of no stiles and no steep inclines, and blessed on the day with slightly blue skies, Moleside’s March Walk was led by our group coordinator Steve Mustoe.

Leaving the village green at Tilford and crossing the ancient bridge where the north and south branches of the River Wey converge, Steve guided 13 of us past some of the area’s desirable homes before striking south into the woodland of the Farnham Heath Nature Reserve.

In pretty perfect conditions for walking we crossed onto Tankersford Common where we met some very friendly horses.

Our on the spot IT investigations assured us these were very likely wild Koniks, originally from Poland but now found in many parts of Europe.

Their sociable nature and enthusiastic grazing deliver great service to the conservation of open habitats like the one they’re enjoying here in Surrey.  

On we went past Pierrepoint Home Farm where the Countryside Restoration Trust is converting the old farming premises into a centre for crafts and furniture restoration,

We paused to admire the recently restored footbridge which allowed us to cross the Wey’s southern branch,  and from here it was a short step to Frensham Little Pond where we followed the path round the 100 acre stretch of water and turned for home.

Heading northward again past Meadow End Farm we were presented with delightfully clear evidence that spring really is in the air.

By now a little peckish we were soon delighted to see Tilford Green and The Barley Mow in front of us. Our welcome was warm and lunch together much appreciated. Long renowned amongst walkers for the quality of its kitchen, the pub and its team certainly lived up to their high reputation. 

Thanks to Steve for all his organisation and to David and John for their help with the photographs. We all look forward to our next Moleside Walk on Thursday 20 April. 

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