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Captivated By Isabella


During our May get together in Richmond Park the Moleside Walkers discovered a soluton to a lingering challenge that confronts us all as years slip away.

We found ourselves each managing our own pace.

Lead by our group coordinator Steve Mustoe, the delights of spring time in the Isabella Plantation showed us the way.

With the garden’s azaelas, rhododendrons, camellias and much more to greet us, it did not take long for the 19 of us to start lingering in different places to admire our surroundings. 

Perhaps it was our urge to take photographs that made us pause longer than anticipated  – but look at the results.

Technically none of us were really ‘lost’.  We all knew the plan. Our cars were in the same car park and our rendezvous arrangements for lunch were well understood. 

We knew that Ray would leave us when he had had enough walking for the day and Ian, whose lingering did cause a short spell of mild concern, knew exactly where he’d meet up with us all again, and duely did. 

As we headed north from Isabella towards Penn Ponds It has to be said that we had got spread out a little more than usual.

But to accommodate the intense levels of interest in the different features that he had taken us past, Steve graciously dropped part of his planned later route to keep us on schedule. 

And that of course means that we have more of this magnificent Royal Park left to explore – perhaps on another Moleside Walk.

Thanks to Steve for executing his plans so that we could all enjoy, at our own pace, this outing to a place that never fails to excite.  And thanks too to Alec for his help with the photographs

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Our next Moleside Walk is on Thursday 15 June.