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Welcome to our updated members login page

As you will know from emails sent from the Chairman and the Comms team we are beefing up the security of the members area. This new login system works in the same way  as many of the logins you will be used to on other websites. 

There are now two parts to the login and you have received a email containing both of them: The first part is a unique username created by the membership system; the second part is a unique password that has also been created by the membership system. The old password no longer works.

If you prefer you can use the email address you have already provided instead of the system generated username.

You can change your password, but not your username, after you have logged in for the first time using the credentials supplied in the system generated email.

When you log in you will be taken to the existing Members Page of the website from which you an access the usual protected pages of the website, including the event sign-up sheets. You will no longer have to login again to access these pages.

If you find yourself on this page after logging in, use this button to return to the Members page...