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Moleside’s Jubilee

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What’s a club like ours doing at an occasion like this? The answer – helping Cobham celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and taking the opportunity to spread the word about all that we get up to in Moleside. The plan to be alongside the picnics, the stalls, the music, the displays, the Punch & Judy and everything else that made up the substantial get together on the Leg of Mutton Field was suggested by Paul Bryant back in January and then hatched by Michael Rodd, Peter Wall, Terry Bartholomew and Philip Schofield over the spring months.

From a wild idea first investigated in Terry’s front garden back in February – and which may see later life at one of Margaret and his Garden Open Days much loved by all of us – the plan came to fruition in the rain early on Jubilee Saturday morning

Is this supposed to be straight? What do I have to do now? And by the time the sun came out and the crowds started to arrive Moleside was ready to be part of the show.

Our photo album records a day we all enjoyed immensely.And so we hope did those who were introduced to Moleside.

In all 20 club members played their parts enthusiastically and more than 250 of our new Moleside Probus Club Flyers were distributed to our stall visitors.