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New Year In August

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In the splendour of the mansion that was the last home of the Dowager Duchess of Wellington, 70 Moleside members and their partners enjoyed our August celebration of the New Year.

What we ingeniously turned into our Summer Lunch got under way on the terrace of Burhill Golf Club. 

And we all quickly remembered just how enjoyable it is to be able to get together again. 

Not stopping to dwell on the several obstacles that had got in the way of a more timely occasion back in January, much admiration was expressed for the determination of Philip Schofield to make sure that the event finally happened.

Philip had secured the assistance of Terry Bartholomew who, whilst executing his organisational duties, let slip the thrilling news that he and Margaret Arnott, partners for 25 years, had quietly become man & wife back in January.  

Margaret brought her special magic to the occasion by creating floral centrepieces for our tables – in a heatwave that has left the gardens of the rest of us seriously parched. 

And we’re grateful to her for sharing her photographs of a what felt like a very special Moleside occasion.

Burwood Park was home to Barnes Wallis and his team when they were working at Brooklands in the dark years of the war. The room where we ate is named in his honour.

After our meal, Moleside’s Chairman John Brice shared his thoughts on the progress our club has been making since the last we all met like this more than a year ago.

And thanks to Kris Nasta who stepped in nobly to help unscramble the situation we found ourselves in back in January, the club now has another firm diary date for a celebration. 

The Moleside New Year Lunch at Effingham Golf Club next year will be on Wednesday 11 January.