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Do We Care Any More?

Does the time ever come when we cease to be interested in what’s going on around us?  The October meet of Moleside’s recently established Science and Technology Group certainly reminded us that change remains a very fertile area for exciting investigation – and retirement gives us the time to enjoy the illuminating discussions it can encourage. 

Helped by the wealth of material that is now available to us on our digital screens we can build on our personal understanding of what is now being made possible and enjoy the experience of drawing on our fellow members’ interests, experiences and attitudes. 

This month we took time to appreciate the extent to which automation and robots are transforming the way tasks that were once substantially manual can now be handled.

We may occasionally feel frustratingly detached from the fast moving 21st century world but being part of this wide reaching group helps us appreciate what is being achieved around us.  

What is also becoming clear at these meetings where we enjoy the pooling of our own knowledge is realising the part that some of us may well have played in helping make possible the advances that we can admire today.

Our group has emerged from Moleside’s long estabished Computer Club, to allow us to broaden and appreciate what computing now helps make possible – and, importantly, its relevance to ourselves and our families.   

Our next meeting is on Thursday 7 December.