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Facing Autumnal Challenges

As we set out from Wotton for Moleside’s October Walk the enthusiastic dozen of us must have realised that our group coordinator Steve Mustoe’s report of his ‘pretty much mud free experience’ on the recce was not going to be repeated today.  

We were certainly saved the destructive dramas of the day that hit communities much further north but even the southern tail of Storm Babet looked challenging as we headed north east following a route suggested by David Owen.

Mike Warnock demonstrated how to make determined use of the one style we had been promised before we encountered a group of Alpacas

  Their breed may originally be from South America but the present damp and threatening weather conditions here in Surrey seemed to be being very well tolerated by these friendly locals.  

Beyond the tracks built by the old South Eastern Railway we joined the Pilgrim’s Way and turned westwards in the lee of the North Downs. 

Two very sharp showers were interspersed with warming sunshine and clear evidence that there was still a little encouraging blue sky somewhere above us. 

Turning south now we crossed the fields that took us past St. Johns Church with its 13th century Norman tower and on back down Church Lane to a warm welcome and thoroughly enjoyable lunch awaiting us across the fields at The Wotton Hatch.

Thanks David for planning our route and to Steve for seeing us through one of this year’s very few wet Moleside Walks.  We all felt better for having taken the plunge.

Our next Moleside Walk is on Thursday 17 November 

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