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Sheepleas Walk

Anyone who knows this beautiful part of Surrey close by West Horsley also understands that it is incredibly easy to get lost on Sheepleas.In the colours of Autumn the number of allegedly helpful finger posts, all saying Public Bridle Way, stand out stark against the woodland background, merely emphasising the variety of route options on offer to the visitor.

Happily we Moleside November walkers were in the safe hands of Brian Manners who’s lived for several years in the Horsleys and has successfully shepherded us through the maze on more than one occasion.Never, we notice, quite following the same route twice.

And our confidence was rewarded with glorious autumnal weather, no stiles and only a few inclines and descents to make us feel proud of our progressStepping out from Shere Road through Angel Clump we headed eastward and made the Green Dene Car Park within 30 minutes. With new Moleside member Mike Warnockjoining us we turned north and  reached the series of woodland meadows that lead to the Viewpoint built to mark the turn of the century almost 21 years ago.

It was interesting to see how those two decades have allowed the trees to eliminate much of the view the stone platform was built to offer – but hopefully it’ll remain a landmark and be visited by many more Moleside walking groups in years to come.

Thanks to David Owen for his photos from this visit in 2021, and our last one back in 2017. And to Brian who revealed on our way home that if you rely on the arrow markers discretely placed on short posts in the undergrowth – and remember the colour you’re following – the paths of Sheepleas needn’t remain a beautiful mystery to any of us for any longer.