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Weather proves no handicap for Hackers at Clandon

Hackers coordinator John Watkins reports…

After the torrential rain accompanied by the strong wind at 4.00 o’clock this morning I am sure those brave enough to have said yes to playing later on in the morning were very pleasantly surprised to be basking in the sunshine at 10.00 am. Clandon Golf was, as expected a little wet, but as it is built on chalk it drains very well.

Six members arrived, all with smiles, to play in two groups of three. Handicaps were issued and only a few complaints were heard, they then teed off and to my pleasant surprise on receiving the cards from Terry and checking the scores the handicaps had worked out very well. With six players the difference in number of points scored between first and last player was only three. So no complaints next time about the handicaps please.

The winner with ten points was Bob John and in equal second place with nine points each were Terry Bartholomew, Barry Brooks and Philip Schofield. Paul Waker and Spencer Needs brought up the rear with eight and seven points.