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The Enjoyment of Grey Cell Exercising

Photo of Moleside 2024 Quiz Evening in St. d'A.

The quality of the questions perhaps took some of us by surprise as members, partners and friends got together at St Mary’s in Stoke d’Abernon for Moleside’s February Quiz Night.

Photo of QM Peter Hughes

The simple pleasures of good company and an adequate supply of refreshment were enhanced by the variety of brain teasers presented to us by our Question Master Peter.  

We were promised a blend that ranged from University Challenge, through Mastermind to Top of the Form  (surely some of us can remember those halcyon days?)  but one of the difficulties confronting us all was simply keeping in step with the very engaging variety of questions.

But we have to be honest with one another!

After all – if you’d had a minute or two longer to think about it, would your memory really have been able to come up with the name of the type of ROMAN GLADIATOR who fought with net and trident?    

Image of Gladiator?

And, if you’ve just clicked the link above to check the answer, you can be assured that on the night itself the only computer in use was the one Michael used to settle up the bill on line for our well earned F&C supper.

This was delivered with generosity & impeccable timing by the team at the Cobham Fish Bar. Our thanks to them. 

Photo of F&C bill paying on line.
Photo of Treasurer & QM

After our suitably reinforced contestants had worked their way through the final five rounds Club Treasurer Paul kindly offered to take a look at the score card and, though a final question involving a vuvuzella – CLICK HERE for the answer to that one – prompted a slight recount, there was no real doubt about the result. 


A clear margin of 7 points between Table 4 and its closest rivals, meant that it was Stephen, Kay, Margaret, Terry, Simon and Diana who took home what were described as modest prizes.  

Photo of Winners - Table 4.
Photo of Table 3 - Booby Prize

Bearing in mind that Table 3 – Mike, Hazel, Kris, Ann, Spencer and Anita  – scored only a couple of points below the average of everyone else, it is unfair to call what they won the Booby Prize. In his note of thanks for what he called ‘a really great evening …questions were challenging, the food superb and as ever great company’, Spencer reported that their individual cans of gin & tonic went down really well the following evening.

Thanks to Peter for his tremendous array of questions, to Margaret for her photographic reminders and to Polly of St Mary’s Church Hall who made absolutely sure that we had all we needed for a great club evening together.