CT7 Extras Location, Location….

The Shape of Things to come – well almost!

It’s hard to believe these days that 50 years ago counting the number of times a car’s wheel rotated could, as long as you knew where you had started from, be the basis for an automatic vehicle guidance system. Yet  I found myself a decade later reporting from Dublin how the city’s buses were testing a system based on very similar principles to this one.  There it was being developed to feed information into an early electronic Bus Stop display system which could tell passengers roughly how long they’d have to wait for their next bus to arrive.  Global Positioning Satellittes and the wide reach of the Internet were still more than another decade away from becoming realities for most of us.

So watching this 50 year old TV clip now I feel a little guilty at the fun we poked at this crazy idea.  I only hope that its enthusiastic developers were still around when Satnav arrived on the scene and they could see that their’s hadn’t been such a crazy idea after all.

Michael Rodd

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