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Moleside’s Wine Group

We meet every month in Stoke d’Abernon
Led by wine specialist Trudy Welsh we are introduced to what is currently regarded as interesting in the wine trade – always with a view to learning more whilst identifying quality and value in what we drink.

From time to time we have taken a wider view of our enjoyment of wine. For example back in January this year ….   We tried checking out whether the right circumstances can make certain wines taste even better.

Experimenting with some Debussy – followed by a little light rock – there were some members who felt that the classical performance could be enhancing their enjoyment derived from a modest claret. But wine is a personal thing and, though everyone  concentred seriously on the experiment, others were far from convinced that the music made any difference at all.

Our thanks to David Owen for his reports and fine photos.

We will in future remember that when a wine really tastes brilliant there’s no harm in enjoying it there and then.

PS. Covid – and other pressures – have meant that it’s taken a while for the Wine Club to be able to fully restart its programme. Thanks to Trudy and to all the enthusiastic members of the club for their patience.

Here’s to the future.