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Extra Visits for Moleside

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There could be a rush on to get tickets for a great evening in Painshill Park. Visits Coordinator Paul Walker is testing an experimental approach to a more informal style of Moleside occasion – which might prove a popular occasional addition to our regular Visits programme.  By early July the sun should be shining well into the early evening in Cobham’s Painshill Park and several Moleside members have noticed the impressive programme of Live Music Lates the Park is presenting for 2022.  And tickets are selling well.

Target date for us is THURSDAY 7 JULY and the attraction that evening is a performance from a band paying tribute to a group who were first heard in Paddington in January 67 and Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend have both claimed they were there in the audience.   In July 2022 we’ll be hearing their music played by  ZINC FLOYD to an audience – including some of us – enjoying their drinks and refreshments in the grassy outdoor auditorium of Painshill.

And the approach is strictly DIY.

No Sign Up sheet for this one. If you fancy joining us simply follow the weblink to the Painshill site where you can book and pay for your tickets directly – and know that you’re likely to see some familiar Moleside faces in the park on the night.

SO secure your tickets, bring your picnic and something to sit on – and share a nostalgic evening of music many of us remember with great affection.